Breaking the Jargons – August Roundup

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Welcome to my newsletter. In these monthly roundups, I’ll be sharing a quick recap of the articles that went live this month. Also, I’ll be highlight some of the things that I have enjoyed reading over the past month. 


Here are the articles published in August:


WiMLDS-Hyderabad(Hyderabad women in Machine Learning & Data Science) organised their August Meetup on 14th August. The speaker for the event was Danielle Deterring , a Content Developer at NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute, where she teaches engineers the skills needed to further their careers in Data Science and AI. She shared her story of switching careers and shared some crucial points on the various nuances of the Data Science journey.


The Kaggle team has recently come out with a lot of add ons to the existing notebooks. I really like the  new “Search StackOverflow” button which shows up under an error, in a notebook.

Kaggle’s latest course addresses the most common data cleaning problems so you can analyze your data faster.

  • New Competition launch

Contradictory, My Dear Watson – Given a pair of sentences (a premise and a hypothesis), you need to predict whether they are related.

Lyft 2020 Motion Prediction for Self-Driving Cars– Build motion prediction models for self-driving vehicles

Resources of the Month

Dive into Deep Learning Book

An interactive Free  deep learning book with code, math, and discussions it provides NumPy/MXNetPyTorch, and TensorFlow implementations.

Dive into Deep Learning

Machine learning Addict

Interactive learning tools that can help you understand different machine learning algorithms, in an intuitive manner.

Things to look out for

Upcoming Webinar on Teaching Machine learning for Social Good on 2nd September.

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