Building a Career in Data Science

Women in Coding & Data Science(WiCDS) held an online Meetup on 22nd November 2020. Here is a quick summary of the vital points covered in the presentation. For the detailed presentation, refer to the video below.

Disclaimer: All the images used in this article have been taken from the presentation. You can access the presentation from here.


Preeti Ravikiran— Assistant Professor & Program Chair — School of Science — B.Sc (Analytics & Applied Statistics) at NMIMS Bangalore.

Preeti comes with extensive experience in both corporate as well as academia. She has worked with sin domain experts in Global Banks, NBFCs, Manufacturing companies globally. Her area of interest is Quantitative Techniques, Business Analytics, and Quantitative Finance. She switched to academia full time in 2017 and enjoyed being amidst the young minds.

Brief Outline of the presentation:

  • Current State of DataScience — World
  • Current State of Data Science -India
  • Key Skills to build a career in Data Science
  • Some Resources
  • Key Takeaways for Women

Here is a quick recap of the webinar, highlighting some salient points

Current State of DataScience — World

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Preeti shared the current Data Science scenario and discussed in detail where the field is heading globally.

Current State of Data Science — India

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As far as India is concerned, Preeti highlighted some essential facts. Bangalore led the way for the largest share of revenues (city-wise) at 29.4%, while the BFSI sector saw the maximum involvement of Data Analytics.

Data Science Skills

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Preeti highlighted a few crucial points here:

  • Data Science is more about solving a problem and less about applying an algorithm.
  • Domain Knowledge is as vital as Technical skills.
  • Experience & Practice goes a long way.

Key Skills to build a career in Data Science

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In this section, Preeti laid down a roadmap of the required data science skills and emphasized that the skills should be built in a phase-wise manner. She also shared some useful resources, which she has found incredibly helpful.

Take-Aways — for Women

Preeti shared that the key step for getting more women into the field is encouraging education in STEM, and the next step is to ‘Stay’ in the field as you progress through life stages.

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