The inspiring journey of the ‘Beluga’ of Kaggle World 🐋

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In conversation with Gábor Fodor: A Data Scientist at and a Kaggle Competitions’ Grandmaster.

In this series of interviews, I present the stories of established Data Scientists and Kaggle Grandmasters at, who share their journey, inspirations, and accomplishments. These interviews are intended to motivate and encourage others who want to understand what it takes to be a Kaggle Grandmaster.

In this interview, I shall be sharing my interaction with Gábor Fodorbetter known as Beluga in Kaggle worldHe is a Kaggle Competitions Grandmaster and a Data Scientist at Gabor, who hails from Hungary, holds a master’s degree in Mathematics as well as Computer Engineering and has around ten years of experience in the Data Science domain. He joined Kaggle nine years ago and since then has made quite a mark there. His best global rank is 4th for competitions and 7th for notebooks. [Read More]

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